Blow Hole

Sick with a fever and cold. Spent the last two days in bed with only my nose sticking out of the blankets, like a whale's blow-hole, aiming for the handkerchief. But today I had a little energy and I managed to draw up the plan for a 3D wrapped-head. The head will be constructed from cardboard and papier-mache and then wrapped with canvas strips. The strips will be removable and washable. They will cover the head and be fastened with safety pins. Either gold or silver. The strips will, in this instance, not be glyphed altho Fruther Developement has information available that suggests that there will be glyphs upcoming. Could be a multiple or a diptych. Or a triptych sans religious overtones, if a triptych can be done in that manner-- I don't know, maybe. But for now it's more medicine and back to bed.


rueben valdivia said...

Really enjoying your boggy. Hope you feel better soon ..

Reuben said...
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headwrapper said...

Hey thanks. Looking forward to seeing you get yours off the ground.

carol es said...

feel better soon. at least the meds aren't blocking inspiration, or perhaps they are aiding in it a little.

Headwrapper said...

Could be. I've been having some intense dreams the last few days. Perhaps they'll soon invent software to upload dream material straight from my head to youtube.

Until then, art is all I've got.

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