Glyphed Strips

When strips are glyphed, the glyphs, in this case black on white, are writ --upon the pre-wrinkled (or not) strip. Wrinkling can precede or follow glyphing. Glyphed and wrinkled strips can be used for wrapping heads or in cases without a head, they can be hung. Heads too can be hung with or without being wrapped. Then one can proceed to wrap said hung head with hung strips. Start by fastening a strip to said head with a safety pin. Gold or silver pins should be used. Then wrap the glyphed strip around the head. Then wrap more strips around said head until the head is fully wrapped. Fasten loose ends with safety pins.


Carson Park Ranger said...

If I ever get my head wrapped, I want the glyphed strips.

Headwrapper said...

Excellent choice. It would look something like this.

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