What Eye Saw

The Headwrapping School news staff visited the back of the used-cardboard facility this afternoon and interviewed an anonymous person wearing headwrapped spyware. One eye peered out at us and a muffled voice said,

Anonymous Person --"What do YOU want?"

Headwrapping School --"Hey, take it easy, we're on your side. We were just wondering what's going on? What have you observed from behind that headgear?"

AP --Boring damned people like you. All over the earth. Propagating more boring damned people. What a horror show. The earth is swarming with it --yawn.

HS --But, but, we... that is to say us Headwrapping Schoolers, we aren't boring --we're different, ahem, we're artists!

AP --Say that word again and I'll throw you out of here on your ho-ass!

HS --OK then --what are your views concerning the footwrapping faction? They claim that us headwrappers are being too one-sided and we need to walk a mile in their wrapped footware.

AP -- zzzzzz... Hey, you wouldn't happen to want to buy one of
these strips that I glyphed would you?

* * * *

We'll keep you posted...

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