Laundry Day

Here's one I did while sitting in front of the laundromat in Redway as my clothes were going around and around in the machines.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSpin Cycle - 8x14 inches - markers and paint on cardboard

And another one to go with it that I did later at home.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKat on the Keys - 8x14 inches - markers and paint on cardboard

click them to enlarge


crossgirl said...

for some reason this reminds me of a quilt. if this were a quilt, I just know i would have amazing dreams beneath it. perhaps your next one could be quilt size. i'd recommend a frigerator box....

Headwrapper said...

I hadn't thought of that. But I see what you mean, some of the line is kinda stitchy and the composition is patchwork like.

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