This morning another tablet was discovered beneath the old blue tarp near the back fence. I showed it to one of our shoe painters who was taking a smoke break out back, the one with the smelly dreadlocks and ductaped glasses who's fly is always open. It took a long time to get his attention but I think we may have finally been able to receive some valuable data concerning the meaning of the Lost Tablets of Headwrapping School --LTHS-- and what we can learn from them.
I called out to the painter, "Hey what do you think of this?"
No answer.
"Good morning, did you see this tablet that was under the tarp?"
No answer, he was staring intently at a black cat that often frequents our trash can.
"Say there, take a look at this curious object."
Still no answer.
The cat scampered away . . .
Silence, then after long long pause, "OK lemme see it."
He takes the tablet and waves his hand over it three or four times, just barely brushing the surface. Then he hands it back to me and tells me what the tablet says:
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxApocalypse - 19x12in - marker/paint/cardboard

My name is Apocalypse. I am NOT here to teach you, I am here to show you myself. If you learn something, that is not my doing nor am I responsible for the consequences. I wash my hands. We will speak again soon. My name is Apocalypse.


jojo roxx said...

LTHS the Reality Show...LTHS the GAME..LTHS the Playing Cards...LTHS the Theme Park, even LTHS the Sandwich!
I can see where this is going...

Headwrapper said...

For her inspiring creative spark. Headwrapping School awards JoJo Roxx the blog-comment of the month blue-ribbon. (music fanfare applause!) -- -- fade...

Do you think the LTHS sandwich will become as popular as the Reuben sandwich?

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