New: Lost Coast Heels Recently Arrived

The Lost Coast with its atmospheric pull and its alternative reversed spiraling tidal activity attracts many lost shoes, mainly I suspect from the south. They wash up on the beach of Headwrapping School with regularity and we lovingly wrap them and care for them. We kiss their cheeks and help them to restore their strength. We watch joyously as their spirit is renewed. Of course they bare the scars and carry the warped forms of their traumatic voyage, but we feel that that is a large part of their charm.
Orders will begin to be processed as soon as castles made of sand turn to paper mache...


Kristabel said...

So nice of you to take care of the poor lost shoes. I'd like the black ones to wear for Arts Alive. yeow. Oh, except if it's a lost shoe, it probably doesn't have a mate. Hmmmm.

These are really fantastic, Reuben.

Kym said...

They make my feet hurt. When I was 18 I used to walk a mile to work in high heels.

Now I don't even own a pair.

I'll bet all those lost shoes are from empowered women kicking them off 8)

Headwrapper said...

K'abel, Here at Headwrapping School mirror-image-mates, as well as sole-mates, have gone completely out of style. It's not just style though it's also a practical thing --with our method, two pair of shoes are actually four pair, you see, and ten pair present 200 different possible combinations, and if your the type that likes to dance in two left shoes once in a while, well, then the possibilities are nearly endless. For arts alive, we suggest a left pink sneaker to go with that black right heel that you so fancy. This would be the perfect fashion-compliment to a wrapped head and chaps.

Kym, Ouch! what did you do to get out of that painful situation, quit your job and hang up the shoes with your stocking by the chimney with care? --I bet Santa left you something empowering %)

Kym said...

Oh I choose to be in that situation. I wanted what Santa couldn't give me (wolf whistles and leers).

But like most children, I grew out of my toys and my craving for male attention (well, almost).

I popped back over when I read a post that got linked to mine. It's got fabulous shoes in it

Kym said...

The peacock ones almost would make me reconsider the no high heel policy.

Headwrapper said...

Thanks for the link. We may have to 'find' a peacock wedge.

Kristabel said...

Away from the computer for a few days, and here I sit at Arts Alive in matching sequined flip-flops. I will definitely take your fashion advice next month. Thanks.

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