Punching a New Road In

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBreakthrough -- 15x20in. -- markers and paint on foamboard -- click to enlarge

The road of one's destiny leads to a specific place, but it's not always clear sailing. Sometimes you run into a jungle and when you ask the natives what happened to the road, they shrug. Maybe it's your destiny to stay there. Or maybe not.


Kristabel said...

But how do you figure out if it is or if it isn't? Do you just plow through until you know for sure?

Headwrapper said...

Destiny knows and she will tell us. But I can't find her email address, do you have it?

Kristabel said...

I wish I did. I've got a whole bunch of questions for her.

crossgirl said...

destiny is a showgirl at the peekaboo lounge, but i don't think she gives her address out.

wondering if i could have a machete for this jungle.

Headwrapper said...

I'll have to stop by the Peekaboo to check her out. Too bad Annie's Place is closed now, I miss the old gang.

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