Here's Something

for those of you with one foot in the studio and the other in the kitchen.

Thanks to Celeste and Doodlebug for the images. If anybody is aware of the artist's name please let us know.


crossgirl said...

i can make some really cool volcanos out of mashed potatos and gravy..........

JL said...

i looooovvee the pear. verrry cool sculptures.

Kym said...

The orange man seems so firmly committed to getting his burden to the juicer--cracks me up!

Headwrapper said...

Crossgirl, I'd like to see the video.

Jj, The faerie string quartet is playing today in your orchard.

Kym, It reminds me of St. Christopher who according to the legend carries the weight of the world.

Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

Most fun I've had in weeks! Thanks, Reuben. I'm sending the link on to my grandkids who will be delighted!
Will you be at FASA in DC the 25th?

Headwrapper said...

Won't be there Bev. I hope it's a great success. The Hubers are delightful.

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