Amazing Photo!

I received an email that is going around claiming that this image is a photograph of a place in Birmania where , "...it is only possible to see this once a year with a special angle of the sun and special light conditions. Bend your head to the left to see how spectacular it is".

Yeah right. A short google search turned up the truth, its an
illustration by the Korean artist Kim Jae Hong for a children’s book.

Here's a site showing other illustrations from the book.

Makes me wonder what the motivation to send something like this out might be?


Indie said...

Is it a real photo? Maybe it was the inspiration for the illustration.

It seems unlikely, but nature does turns up things like this once in awhile, teddy bears in the fluffy clouds, the Virgin of Guadalupe in tree bark, Elvis on toast, Nixon on a potato. Just sayin'. :?

Indie said...

I forgot to add: evil eyes in the wallpaper.

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