Head With Glyphs

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHead With Glyphs -- 18x14in. -- $250.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx paint markers crayons pastels on canvas

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxclick on image to enlarge


Kym said...

I like the Egyptian quality of this piece.

Headwrapper said...

The headdress is an
African derivative and appropriation.

crossgirl said...

Lots of crosses in this one.

Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

Love this one a lot! Why not publish prices with the art work? Or is that not a socially correct thing to do on blogs?

Headwrapper said...

Good idea! And if it's socially or blogly incorrect --we like it all the better. Thanks Bev. Btw, the prices I'm posting are retail. For galleries, dealers, representatives, agents, etc. it is the listed price minus your percentage.

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