For the most part what I show here is my most recent work. But this is a painting that I did about two years ago.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPendant -- mixed media on canvas -- 24x28


And this is a fragment of one I did about 15 years ago. My art doesn't grow. I am doing the same thing that I did when I was twelve. The art is not progressing in any linear fashion. It's not something that is developing. It's more like I am excavating, scraping away to reveal what's underneath. The art I do is nothing new. It's old. Something buried in the Unconscious that is retrieved.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUntitled -- a/c -- private collection -- click on image to enlarge


Indie said...

The first one is my favorite. The background colors are lovely. What are the symbols?

a school of French Impressionism said...

Thanks Indie. The meaning of the symbols is unknown to me. I try to keep the symbols ambiguous so that the meaning comes from the viewer's subjectivity. Like a Rorschach inkblot test. The painting as a whole and abstract painting as a whole can be considered to be a symbol of the Unconscious.

Indie said...

Ok! I'll give it another look then and let it suggest itself to me.

a school of French Impressionism said...

That you call it lovely, that you enjoy it for its aesthetic value, means that I've succeeded. But if the forms bring up personal associations that are meaningful for you too, that's a bonus. If that's happened and you want to share, please do. I'm often delightfully surprised at what others see in my scribblings.

suzy blah blah said...

Suzy sees this totlaly godess like in the sky and theirs this spoon full of white powder or angels dust or worse of smthing in her nose or somewher like shes a goddess and everything but Shes been poisoned so ...and she looking over the Land and thers these little homesteasds and little towns and everything below and

its sooooo bueatiful!!!!

theres this little guy on a chair down there and hes the chairman of the bored and theirs this dragon under his chair thats draeming of these angels who come outand its snowing white powder and they pee into the sneow LOL --angels pee >........

meanwhile in Siberia a shaman disappears intothe forest and the people of hte tribe follow >.........

back inthe usa the chairmans wife comes on tv LOL and warns everyone NOT to eat yallow snow >>>>>

But some do and because its angelpee it cause concsiousness to rise....
so then there is pees on earth 4 a thoausnad years.... LOL until the dragon awakens

again and the Land is again ruled by the Narcissist Party.

all 4 now Suzy gotta go real real fast,


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