The Fire Behind the Tears

I heard from Megan Renee Ginter, a link partner of mine, today. She recently updated her website. You'll find some interesting new paintings of hers there. From the site:

I was raised in a very artistic family, and there were plenty of opportunities in the arts all around me. But it was an illness that turned art into something more than a hobby for me. At age 22 I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. This disease is kind of like the symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder mixed together. I experience manic highs, depressive lows, paranoia, and hallucinations. It is sometimes hard for me to put into words what I am experiencing and that’s when art becomes a therapeutic tool.

I think what Megan is doing is important. Check it out HERE


Kristabel said...

Thank you for sharing Megan and her work, Reuben. For some reason I'm really drawn to "Cyclops in my Backseat." Maybe it has something to do with the whimsical name.

I've been meaning to stop by for awhile now and tell you that I also love your post about Godie and the updated definition of French Impressionism.

Have you ever visited Intuit?


headwrapper said...

Cyclops in the backseat... That title caught my attention too. Reminds me of your
turkey story
I love that story, specially where you roll the window down to 'reason' with him.

That's soooo funny. It's really well written, the rhythm I guess or the timing... your humorous writing is the best around. Why don't you get a column in the NCJ or something? We need you.

No I never was to Intuit. Haven't been to Chicago for 25 years. I see they're having a Godie retrospective there right now. Did you know she wore her bra on the outside? That must be where Madonna got it from. Hey, that means Madonna's a French Impressionist, right? ;)

And one more thing, if someone is cramping your style, or trying to hand you a writer's block, or something, just tell em. "Turkey. I'm really sorry about this, but get the fuck out of my way."

Kristabel said...

You always make me blush.

I did not know that about Godie, but after hearing that I definitely have a picture I have to show you. She was way ahead of Madonna.

Funny, that little tag line might just make a good motto for all kinds of situations. Especially lately when I don't have Squirrel around for when I lose my vocabulary and need a word like "flummoxed." Sigh.

Chicago road trip? I can just imagine the stories. Humboldt may not be ready.


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