School Closed

Headwrapping School woke up under a blanket of snow this morning. All classes have been postponed until further notice. In the meantime, here is your homework assignment.


Kym said...

I need to send that little message to some of my friends. I hate the "forward this email and you will get..." Sometimes the emails are pretty good but add a line like that and I just delete them.

headwrapper said...

Kym have you ever seen

Lary was a friend of mine. You may have known him too. He died a few years ago. Lived in soHum since late 60s. Partner of Bonny Blackberry.

Indie said...

I love that photo, Headwrapper. The design on the building is gorgeous, really striking.

I'm jealous of the beautiful snow you guys in SoHum are having...

By the way, comments on your posts are black on a black background, a layout issue.

headwrapper said...

Thanks Indie. The snow looks pretty but the cold wet slushy icy reality of it sucks.

I don't know how to solve that black font on black background problem so you'll have to read the comments on this page, for now. I think maybe the only way around it is --to change the background color? Or use a different template? Or??

Indie said...

You wrote: "The cold wet slushy icy reality of it sucks"

This made me laugh out loud on a stressful day, thank you! I needed a laugh and a reminder that romanticizing snow is a lot different from stomping around in it! Warm and dry is good... :)

About the layout issue, go to layout, then there are some choices in fonts. You could change your comments font to blue or something that would stand out against the black. Good luck!

Beverly Kaye said...

I have offended so many people who I've meet on the net, by not only NOT forwarding their dribble, but by complaining about it and begging to be removed from their lists. No lightening struck, no plague appeared and no body parts have suddenly dropped off. They deserve to get your message, but I will resist the urge.
Still putting to use all the good help you so graciously gave me.
Your school does look great against the snow.

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