Bend Show

Click on the image to enlarge. See more paintings from the show here


Kristabel said...

Congratulations, Reuben. I hope the show goes well.

These are really intriguing pieces, and I'd love to hear about the process of creating them.

On Thursday night I'll be in San Francisco at this show.

Kristabel said...

Hmmmm. I can't get my html right.

this show?

Kristabel said...

I'm sorry! What am I doing wrong?

headwrapper said...

Thanks Kristabel, I appreciate that. I see by the url that tries to link that the show in SF is about legends and myths... sounds good.

This is a statement I wrote ... They wanted something to hang on the wall with the show, explain the paintings, process, etc.

These paintings are more about texture than text. I built up the surface with several layers of irregular thick black paint. After it was dry I laid the light colored rectangular blobs down and scratched through them with the reverse side of
the brush to make the letters. Then I added several layers of semi-transparent glazes.

The letters were chosen randomly. Any words found within them are accidental. They don't really have anything to do with crossword puzzles or scrabble etc. --unless of course you want them to.

Kym said...

Congratulations, I hope the show is going very well!

Kristabel said...

Thanks! You just answered all my unspoken questions. About your art, that is. I mean, about that art. Well, at least the questions I have so far. xo

headwrapper said...

Kym, thanks!

K'bel, but what's important is not the craft or the process, what brings the art to life is something more mysterious --it's that people like you for some reason find them to be "really intriguing pieces". Connecting at that level is what it's about.

Indie said...

I saw all sorts of words in there when I first glanced at it.

Sometimes, it's as if art isn't something you do so much as something you *allow.*

I know, again I'm going to sound like a great big hippy, but it's as if by creating art, we allow it to flow through us. As if it's already there and we just agree to act as the conduit so it can reach fulfillment.

OK, I'll be quiet now, what do I know? But you are so creative!

headwrapper said...

As if it's already there

Yeah that's exactly how I feel about it. If the ego can get out of the way momentarily and quit reflecting endlessly about what art should be or what would be cool or appropriate to do etc. then that 'conduit' is open.

Anonymous said...

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