If Six Turns Out to be Nine . . .

Kristabel tagged me (again) which this time means I have to pick the sixth picture from the sixth folder in my files and tell the story behind it. Well my sixth folder is "Letters". The seventh is "My Videos". The eighth is "My dvds". So I went to the Ninth which is titled "PBS show". And this is the sixth photo. Click on the image to be able to read it.

I was sort of "tagged" to go on this show by a wonderful high spirited Humboldt Co. legend who shall remain nameless for reasons that can't be named here... This person was in touch with the creators of the Show and directed them to me. The late Pat Bernstein arranged the gallery show at the Mateel Gallery to run congruently with the visit and wrote the above article for a Garberville newspaper "The Independant". The whole thing wouldn't have been possible, or at least it wouldn't have run nearly as smoothly, without the help some friends: Kate Klein, Udo Coleman, Klaro Kepke, Laurie Tellez, Caryn Laddyne, Kevin Coles, Pat Bernstein.

And so now I get to tag six others. The rules are: pick the sixth photo from your sixth folder and tell the story behind it --sorry you guys, you don't have to play you know, nobody minds.








Kym said...

Kristobel tagged you first. I should have known.

I enjoyed the article which I hadn't read before. Someday I would enjoy seeing that show.

Armageddon Thru To You said...
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Indie said...

Great, you deserve the show, the publicity and the recognition! I'm glad the Indie is using its power for good!

Anonymous said...


Sometimes kisses and hugs say more than words.


the legend. Heh.

headwrapper said...

Kym --that 2nd deleted comment was a long LONG spam. Some shit about the apocalypse and 666! :)

Indie --what years were you at the Indie?

Legend -- thnx for the kisses and the Love! Like another legend said --All We Need is Love yeah-yeah-yeah ... make sure you stay for the surprise happy ending.

headwrapper said...

sorry that link didn't work. Here it is

Indie said...

From its inception in 1997 until Dec. 1999.

Kristabel said...

Oh my god. I knew I was right to be a little frightened of the happy ending. That was fabulous!

Naomi Sexton said...

Hi Reuben, I almost got away before you tagged me :) Sinsie, Tina, Jim, and I are leaving for Jamaica tonight. I'll have some updated photos for my blog when I return.

headwrapper said...

Have a safe voyage Naomi. I'm looking forward to seeing what Sun and Daughter looks like today --when you get some new pics up.

Ron Dowd said...

Ok, so I did the figuring, following your tag (I had to go two levels down to get to photos, six a then six folders), but the one I ended up with is nowhere near as interesting as yours - in fact it's not interesting enough to blog about. But I tried, I did try...

Maybe in my ext post I'll mark one image as a substitute for a headwrapper tag.

headwrapper said...
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headwrapper said...

In art there are no rules that can't be broken.

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