Ancient Writing

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEach of these paintings is -- 8x10in -- acrylic on canvas -- $120.


Indie said...

I always want to ask, what do the symbols mean? Do you have a key for them? Are they a writing you mapped out yourself or did it already exist?

But I suppose such questions are bourgeois.

And I suppose you'd be more interested in what they suggest to me. I always have a little feeling that I am looking at a script that is not of this world.

headwrapper said...

I don't have any interpretation or translation for the glyphs, but I am open to the idea that they may have meanings that I am not aware of. The paintings could be, like you said, illustrations of an imaginary script from another world. The look of them suggests that. Or from another time... something like that. But is it a shopping list or a profound wisdom teaching? That I don't know. It would be great if I did invent a key that would open a whole other universe from them but as it stands, that's left to the viewers imagination.

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