Omega and Zeke

The spirit of this glyph writing is waning. From my boss (who is me) there is no longer any affectionate word. Nothing to revive it from what has been diagnosed, perhaps incorrectly, as Omega --the end. I don't know what I'll do next. I know that if I ask the others what they think they'll tell me to lighten up, that I'm too heavy, too serious. But I can't lighten up, not if I don't know where I'm going. Not if I'm totally lost.

I guess I'll do what a visionary artist does, I'll wait for a vision. And if a vision doesn't come I'll wait longer, and if it still doesn't come, then I'll go into the world unprepared. But somehow, Headwrapping School's doors will stay open. I need to take care of this little cat who appeared on our doorstep a few weeks ago. Nothing but skin and bones and his leg's damaged from some sort of trauma. He's limping but it's getting better. And he's gaining weight. I took him in to get a rabies shot and he peed all over the vet's assistant, but she was nice about it. The vet says that he was probably hit by a car and that he's about three years old.

Wish us luck.



Ralph Ivy said...

Hang in there. I know - trite expression. I did a drawing of a prisoner hanging from a hook and the guard is walking away with his whip, glancing back, saying "Hang in there." Art. Drawing. Writing. I guess if it wasn't frustrating it wouldn't be an adventure. Whatever, it keeps me going. I write. I draw. I dream. I cuss. I fuss. I bitch: "Where are you, Muse? @#!%!!" and she replies, smirking, "Hang in there, Guy."
Oh, well...(Ah, wail...)

I've been doing my own alternative art for years and years, in journals mostly, never really tried to sell anything - did have one book published - paid about 2 months rent - but just logging it down, drawing what I want to draw - or don't want to draw - writing about not writing - whatever. And managing to smile. Now I am exploring the blog world, putting up my images, searching out like-minded (or non-minded) impulsive fellow artists/writers who need to just get it out, get it down. Thank you. Ralph

headwrapper said...

Ha! Dark humor is just the spark I needed. It may even be a harbinger of dawn or the key to unlock this jailcell. Thanks Ralph.

Ralph Ivy said...

And thank you, Headwrapper. I'll check you site more.

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