Driving Plastered

I don't know why I associate mosaics with frescoes, maybe it's the Italian connection, or maybe it's the thought of using wet cement as plaster. Wet cement makes me think of quicksand. And then its a quick jump to the La Brea tar pits --dinosaurs stuck in the muck . . .

These ruminations seem to slow the parade momentarily --bringing it to a full stop in the mind's eye.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 6 -- 9 x 11in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


Donna said...

Reuben: In a copy of Raw Vision Mag. there is a lengthy article about "multiples" and "repetition" ocurring in outsider art. And in a book titled Supernatural they speak of entoptic vision occuring with the use of narcotics by shamans. In a "fine" art art magazine mention was made of the distinction between replication and copying. Evidently a legitimate replication is that done by the hand of the artist unlike a print or xerox. Interesting stuff huh?

Donna said...
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headwrapper said...

Interesting stuff yes. Thanks I'm gonna look for that RV article. Do you remember what kind of "narcotics" ie plants. It sounds like maybe ayahuasca or san pedro or possibly datura.

Donna said...

Well as far as I remember it was mushrooms of some sort or another. The line drawings of men with straight lines coming from their mouths were not interpreted as the vomit of shamans until fairly recently. The book this information is from: "Supernatural " but do you think I can find it to give you more info...................no

suzy blah blah said...

puking peyotes

headwrapper said...

The book Supernatural

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