Hard to Track

Sometimes I can almost, it seems, hear the cars speak to me with words and ideas. And at other times they just say, vroom vroom vrooom. And occasionally the onomatopoeic merges and blends with the mythopoetic. It's hard to track.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 25 -- 8 x 9in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


hwfarber said...

In Watership Down, the rabbits referred to cars as "vroom, vrooms." I enjoy your blog very much.

Monica said...

The truck on top looks like it is on the verge of developing wings.

headwrapper said...

"vroom, vrooms."

Wow! thanks for that. I didn't know that. I searched the etymology of the word and one source says it first appeared in 1967. Obviously onomatopoeic, but I'd like to know more about the first usage etc. Watership Down was published in '72. I wonder if it was first used and originated in England? I have no idea but I could easily visualize it appearing in a comic strip in red stylized letters exploding behind a disappearing red sportscar.

developing wings


hwfarber said...

And when I had a 2002 red Turbo S six-speed Beetle, I found myself saying "vroom, vroom." There were quite a few onomatopoeic words in Watership Down.

hwfarber said...

I'm being driven nuts. I googled Watership Down--looked at the language. Cars, etc. were "hrududu's." I've spent several hours searching and finally found my copy of the book. I'll probably have to re-read it. I now have no idea where I learned the phrase "vroom, vroom." Perhaps in a book I read to my kids--or one my parents' read to me. Sorry; I'll keep my comments to myself and just read your blog--I hate being wrong.

headwrapper said...

It doesn't matter in the least that you made a mistake here. After all, great art often comes out of mistakes made. If you were to be intentionally posting mis-information for some agenda --now that's something else again ;)

But it's curious however it came about, the turning of vroom vroom into a noun. What happens? It seems to sort of ground the activity that the sound portrays. No that's not quite what I mean I'll have think about it... Thanks again for all of your comments.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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