Today I was musing again about how the mythopoetic merges with the onomatopoeic, when, as though reading my thoughts, the cars said,

"Vroom vroom vroom, according to whom?"

This is a breakthrough. The cars are speaking to me in English. I feel like the golden egg is cracking. Something is about to be revealed.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 29 -- 9 x 12in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


hwfarber said...

Your cars are etched in my head--when I close my eyes I see them. I am a fan of Freakonomics--the book and the NYTimes blog. Thursday's blog was about "Ghost Jams." When a single driver slows down(for a sip of coffee, to talk on the phone, or light a cigarette)there is a resulting gap and a backup. Your cars have no gaps (I checked). Are they equipped with adaptive cruise control or do your drivers never take their eyes off the road?

headwrapper said...

great question. I don't know. Maybe they all sip and light up in synch... i read something about animals having a group mind or soul or something where they are sort of more attuned to one another than humans.. But it's funny that you bring it up because it's been on my mind... I think maybe some gaps are forthcoming, we'll have to see. And now that you've got me thinking about adaptive cruise control, maybe some lasers would be cool too, but I'm getting ahead of myself now, I hope I didn't miss my exit. later.

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