Contradiction and Exception

This morning Bobby again serenaded me with Paul Simon from the hill as CW came by with some cherries from her yard. I asked her, "But if, as you say, this inventory is progressing up the spine of the webpage, then what keeps it from slipsliding back down again?"

"It doesn't slip because it's resting at the same time that it's progressing."

"But how can that be true? How can it be resting and progressing at once?"

"It rests on the truth of being a contradiction, as it progresses with the truth of being an exception."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 36 -- 8x9in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


hwfarber said...

CW is really deep. I do think it's exceptional that, in climbing stairs, one leg can pull your whole body upwards. All of my chakra-climbing is done in dreams--it's the locked doors and gates I encounter that bother me.

When I get a song stuck in my head, I erase it by humming "Row, row, row your boat." It works until I wonder what song I was trying to forget.

jhammer said...

I am in the process of processing your blog.

headwrapper said...

J. Hammer!!! Processing our blog... Wow! it's indeed an honor to have you stop by.

headwrapper said...

--it's the locked doors and gates I encounter that bother me.

Headwrapping School's front door is unlocked.

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