Sort of a Folk Pop Kinda Thing

I told CW that I'd heard the same song that Bobby has been practicing coming from a car radio as it passed.

She said it was a synchronictic event and that it means that an archetype is rising into my consciousness.

"Rising into my consciousness? From where?"

"From the unconscious mind, of course."

"Oh, I see, so but then --what IS an archetype anyway?"

"It's a dynamic structure embedded deep in the collective unconscious."

"A structure of what?"

"That depends on the archetype that arises, in this case it's about 'your destination'. I suppose you could call it the Destiny archetype"

"Destiny archetype?"

"Yep, it's about your destiny, and the destiny of the cars. Where are they going? Where are you going?"

There was a long pregnant pause, and then I said, "Gee, I don't know."

CW said, "I always liked Paul Simon, he does a sort of a folk pop kinda thing."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 39 -- 10x11in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


jhammer said...

I like cheese!

headwrapper said...

A long long time ago, I used to know this dude called Otis, he was from Wisconsin. They used to call him a cheese. Like in, "Otis you cheese, you stole my beer."

jhammer said...

he went to Az and became known as "The Silver Fox". Made a career out of stealing bar change. Moved in with parents in Atlanta in later years-unknown since.
Liked beer better than cheese.

jhammer said...

Looking back--I really found Jed to be friendly-kind of a Forrest Gump kinda guy-very open--Jed 2 seemed very sad-had a Hitler vibe for me. ??
I like cheese!

jhammer said...

Moe, Larry--the cheese
Nyuck nyuck

headwrapper said...

I was with a some friends for lunch in old town Eureka yesterday, reminiscing and stuff. I think the place is called The Seafood Cafe, or something like that, on 1st St. Good beer on tap and the clam chowder isn't too bad either. Nice atmosphere and we had a window with a view of the bay. The fact that I'm originally from Wisconsin* came up and one of my buds said, "Wisconsin, isn't that the "Land of Cheese?" --LOL!!

"No man, I think they call it the "Dairy State".

*hey Hammer, I've heard of Forest Gump... but --who's Jed?? Did I miss something?

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