Break Down

Having the responsibility of being one among us who watches for one who is different from the other ones, I notice that a certain car doesn't seem to be moving. Must be broke down or something.


jhammer said...

Speaking of not moving--have you heard from Jemima? I will send the check when I hear from her.
I believe I am turning Rubenesque with each bite of ripe peach.

Island Life said...

Greetings Reuben,

Where does one apply for jobs round here?

Or can one apply to become a member of the board?

What about membership, what is the criteria for membership and does one get a free cars image sticker or something? Does one have to trade in one's car for membership yet, or are we still all accepting the same old same old routine so we can critique it?

Or, alternatively, if these questions are just not up to the Headwrapping Schools standards yet, where do I enroll for the school? When is school start date?

Or where do I write a letter to the Editor? Or submit my suggestions?

Still a Fan,
Bursting at the Seams with stuff to say, and it is but all I can do to hold myself back....

Love and Blessings,

headwrapper said...

Where does one apply for jobs round here?

At the wrapplication office: imagine your head is wrapped so that no outer influence can intrude, now look deep within, focus, now let the focus disolve, then wait, when you see the image of a doorway come into your mind, go through it, take a right and go down the hall, then take a left and keep going til you get to the water cooler, then take right and go up the stairs, just past the pile of wrapped heads you'll see a a dark image of a human form, keep that image in mind and we'll get back to you later.

Or can one apply to become a member of the board?

we don't believe in boardumb.

What about membership, what is the criteria for membership?

there are no members, we're all students and teachers.

and does one get a free cars image sticker or something?

yes, of course, whadaya think we're cheap or something?

Does one have to trade in one's car for membership yet, or are we still all accepting the same old same old routine so we can critique it?

if you want to be a true student of headwrapping, you have to trade in EVERYTHING!

where do I enroll for the school?

write here! By commenting here you are qualified to be a student if you so choose to call yourself that. And because Headwrapping School is a school of autodidactism, that means that if you are a student you are also your own teacher so now you have, thanks to us, someone who is always with you that you can ask further questions to.

When is school start date?

Oh I see,you're looking for a date? Sorry this isn't that kind of website.

where do I write a letter to the Editor?

I think you just did.

Or submit my suggestions?

I dunno, but here's a suggestion for you --focus on the dark image that you found in the upper hall. Get close to it. Whisper in its ear. Ask it if there's an opening in the sticker making class.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Y'all come back soon, and have a nice day.

R. said...


I am very rewarded in having supplied some questions to highlight some of the pressing issues of our times as these have been answered so enormously well here at Headwrapping School.

The teaching and learning here in the process of posing the questions, has allowed me to temper the seams between my inner teacher and my inner student better.

These re-affrim my deep seated and long held belief and understanding that the question is always an answer and the answer always a question.

I strongly recommend wrapplication to all who wish to birth their inner duality into a fuller embrace of self and others in oneness.

PS The dark figure said if you don't have inner light, take a torch, or learn to meditate before you wrapply, as it's a tough school.

Um, so where do I turn now? was it left and down or up and then to the right?

Island Life said...

Cars that must be broken:

It's not that my car is broke or anything. I gave it up along with smoking some fine sunny day years ago now when I realised the things I loved were killing me and killing the planet, and when you give these things up it is never to trade these in for the right to inhale or move, just the right to be a better steward of this Earth. Well, I realised these things, but what I relaised was that I had to step out of it somehow. Well, that the car broke helped. But I did't replace it. When you find a natural end grab it. That's my advice. You can do the hard thing the easy way, if comes to you that way, grab it.

Trading Everything In:

I spoke with someone the other day, that was volunteering alongside me me on day, doing the green thing, and in a casual way I added to the conversation by saying, and so what do you do for your work? And the answer came 'Oh, I am in Oil'. So I suggested they trade that in, and but, do you know they got so offended. Oil you know is necessary. Necessary for what? Well, they came up with some clever term that stands for plastic, tires and some other essential industrial products. Except I was advised to go an reseacrh on how necessary oil was before I spoke, and wasn't given any real clues as to necessary oil, unfortuantely. But none of these are necessary, I did hear myself say, and suggested, that while we still need
'all these things' we dont need the same old ways and materials for doing these things. Anyways, I felt I had to apologize and did, just so
their being offended might be less nurtured later in their day than the thoughts they could maybe bring to new ways of being an expert in Oil an all.
I loved that old car for the places it took me to Nature. Ya Know? But I believe in it's obsolecence now. It's the green end to outdated ungreen technology.
But it got made into a cube that got sent to Japan. That worries me still. Why couldn't the cube stay here?

Hanging Around at This Corner:

So anyways I am just hanging round this corner of Headwrapping School
just like I had a cigarette in my hand and I am leaning against my wheels this moment to ponder some things.

Your art Reuben has done SO much for me since I got to know your pics. I just feel I have to say something about that but I am beginning to realise, It may take a whole new blog and and I may have to become an artist again in the process. So that isnt gonna happen like tomorrow so I am just hanging out at this corner, taking an imaginary draw on my imaginary cig, leaning at the wheel of my imaginary car, to say a few words here about that.

Your that Collection that got bought and not just all of that but got put in a real proper place...that is SO cool. Celebratory thoughts sent your way.

I will have to say farewell to the 'old days' then, smile. Here's the old days: I used to pull some of those pics off the internet and up on my screen, when I was really down, and they would just make me laugh that really absurd laughter than makes you sane when you see things as they really are (which is just like you paint them). Just zoom in on a tiny being in a a tiny room on a tiny computer pulling up those huge pics in a tiny town and a tiny human world made by a tiny mind, and see someone full of big laughing. Total Tonic. And, I really was very down for a while, and trick of pulling those pics up still really worked. Made me laugh. So cool.

Now, for a while now too, again, since I first saw this blog of yours, I have been mesemerised by these car pics. I'd seen pics of your stationary cars in car parks and was always a lil puzzled, but these pics really got me.

-=Like Medicine=-

Each one like a -=HOMEOPATHIC DOSE of Something larger than us that we need to give up but only by taking the medicine of WHAT IS. Like that.
Let the cars (car sequence of pics) go on till theres no more oily cars. May this Collection travel too, far and wide.

SO here I but say, Thank You, for Your World Reuben.
It worked like Medicine on Me. Thank You.
Love it,
A Fan.

headwrapper said...

Thanks for your comments JRose. I like your idea of art being homeopathic. That clicks. I look forward to when you show us what's up with your art as time progresses.

I usually don't start anything until I get a strong vision, often it's a dream. Then I go for it, I don't hesitate and say to myself, "is this really what I should be doing?". Visions don't come twice to me, and I can't watch a rerun LOL!

I follow the dream and see where it takes me. That's my real interest. To learn to listen to what's inside, and then follow the vision to see if there's anything to it. Then when things visualized such end up in a museum or someone like you comes along and says they're inspired by, like for instance the cars, that feedback assures me that this voice, this vision, this dream is something that I can rely on.

Whereas if I look outward to the world for inspiration, by trying to do what's 'necessary', or what I know others are likely to be into, what's trendy, what the world might expect or want of me, like, "hey Reuben you should do ..." etc. it never works. I've spent, weeks, months, years, doing that before I finally learned to look inward, not outward, for which direction to turn when I am at one of those difficult crossroads that life presents to us all. I'm not saying that's the way, I'm just saying that it's my way.

btw, is your blog still up? I had meant to link to it, there was some good stuff on there. But I lost the URL and now I can't find it through your profile.

Island Life said...

Hey Reuben, great Great tip, To Look Inside. How long does it take to learn and do what we already know? A lifetime perhaps. I recall getting that tip somehwere out East when lighting some incense at a temple in return for an Oracle. The Oracle said: Look inside. I thought: What?But at that time I didnt know people DIDNT look inside (took me a long time to land on this Earth, I was floating right through my teens and beyond partly becuase there was nothing internal to focus or anchor on in the external world, what a gas). But this day, this is a valid and deep lesson, still for me. Thank You. You reminded me I started a blog (gulp, lol). Well, I freshened it up a little and this is where it stands:


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