Getting High

Turning away from the heavy traffic a friend and I took a lonely two lane from 101 to Loleta. We found that The Gilded Rose tavern has been closed for two weeks now, sigh, so we went to the only eatery in town for lunch, the Loleta Bakery. A very nice Norman Rockwell like setting. The food was excellent. Potato soup made with young whole potatoes, one inch in diameter, freshly harvested from the back yard etc. Leaving town we had lemonade from a stand run by some local kids. Sweet.

After that we went to Ferndale where we walked and walked and walked all around the County fair. I viewed "Wedding Cake", a tall ceramic sculpture that won a red ribbon for 2nd place in the juried art show. It was by one of my favorite local artists, Mary (Trixie) Galletti. Trixie has a penchant for making tall vertical phallic like expressions in clay, the higher the better. Her cake is stunning. I stood there entranced by it for a long long time. It was the highlight of my day. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera along but here is a sample her work.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUFO Tower by Mary Galletti

Sometime later, I found a comfortable place to sit and draw some sketches for the papier mache amusement park that we are constructing at The Studio. A guy sat down at a picnic bench next to me and proceed to smear his hands full of ketchup and then lick his fingers, sticking each one fully into his mouth and shlurping. I'd heard that the sugar in ketchup makes it addicting, but ...

Again we walked, screams issued from the roller coaster and other rides as Carny characters full of meth enticed us to throw dull darts at half filled balloons to win teddy bears worth less than half the price asked for the darts. We looked at the quilts and prize winning jams and jellies, passed by the cows and headed for the beer tent. Then, standing amidst the dog on a stick and ice cream stands, I stretched my neck to watch Galaxy Girl perform several hundred feet above me. Trixie would have said, "go higher!":

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGalaxy Girl

All and all a very enjoyable afternoon. Too bad about the Gilded Rose though.


jhammer said...

I love that tower-kind of reminds me of Clayton Bailey's kissing pots and love stands. Very nice pottery!!
Whwnever the traveling Carnival stops in our parking lot I half expect to hear Ricky-Hustling someone to "Shoot the Hoops" or "Sink the 8-Ball".
He worked that job in Louisianna for awhile. It was a crusty job for a crusty guy.
Miss him!!

headwrapper said...

The crusty Cardeux :) but what was beneath the crust? His talent was to reveal the poetry of our lives to us. For those who had ears to hear and eyes to see, he gave more than he took. Speaking of carnival, he came to California and told me he'd recently seen Tammy at Mardi Gras:

...she appeared out of the crowd, tripping on acid, smiling, confetti in her hair --she asked about you Reub.

Ricky was filled with beautiful images like that. His life was art due to his sensitivity and awareness. I remember one time you and I got high on something and talked all night. After a spell we realized we'd been talking about Ricky the whole time. Yeah I miss him too. I miss the old times.

jhammer said...

It's a shame that youth is wasted on the young. We never listened to advice when we were young and they don't listen to us now that we are old. Circle of life.
We will all be friends again-together somewhere in the ether after we pass. Ricky will have the upper hand this time as he has all the experience in the new existance. We WILL hang together again-as in the past.
An alternate Greendale where everyone has long pompadors and drive hot cars. Yeah baby!!
Helen Mae will be Hellon Wheels!
And the Grand Prix's will play in the Gazebo on Friday nights.
Goodnoght Moosie-where ever you are!

headwrapper said...

...yes that would be heaven, except one thing, this time the drummer in the Grand Prix would be me ;)

jhammer said...

That's cool-I'll play Maracas-like Bo Diddley's sister.

Kristabel said...

How in the world did I miss this post? Reuben...I have to say it...I just adore you. As does everyone else at The Studio. But I'm the top adorer, damn it.

Did you know that Trixie's stunning cake is part of a series based on my failed relationships? It's on display in my office.

The closing of the Gilded Rose makes me sad. But now they sell liquor at the store. Next time you're in town, stop by my house. We'll go buy some and drink it out of a paper bag at the table that's supposed to be for that foofy bakery. Maybe you'll tell me another secret.


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