One Two Three Four

As everybody knows, by and large, certain grotesquerys appear and blunder on to the end of their inventory. If I've said it once I've said it 50 times.


jhammer said...

I find it hard to use the word "grotesquerys" 50 times in a lifetime.
I'm interested where these turns are taking your art.

jhammer said...

The 8th lane-the lane less taken- is becoming larger each day. Is this the new path?

headwrapper said...

Your questions are excellent and not at all grotesque queries.

To simplify: it all ultimately has to do with speed. The speed of the vehicles and its ratio to the circumference of the work's production rate squared pi times the speed of light minus the mass of the average car. The eighth to the ninth to the tenth power and then let cool ...

Actually that's the formula for making blackberry pie in the solar oven but it's more or less the same puzzle except it tastes better. I'll present your case to the Headwrapping School bored as soon as they return from vacation.

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