Charlie Rocks

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx approximately ten feet tall

Our friend Charlie recently erected this awesome stone structure the middle of Blue Slide Creek, just downstream from Headwrapping School.


jhammer said...

This is great-sends me a Japanese vibe. Headwrapping school is getting artworks around the campus-veddy, veddy nice

headwrapper said...

Charlie mentioned the Japanese vibe too. He spoke of it as being both "oriental" and "phallic".

jhammer said...

Speaking of rocks-someone put one through the neighbors and Debs new car window last night. Karma payoff for all the radio antennaes back in the Greendale days.
Deb is bummed but it will be fixed.

headwrapper said...

ew, hope that doesn't happen to one of mine... actually, my car-ma is pretty good, my collaborators at The Studio have been adding antennas to my cars.

I remember Otis Kelma once, already drunk at 7pm, falling through the front window of the Village Inn to the surprise of the customers whose fish platter got spiced up with broken glass :)

jhammer said...

Backdoor fish sandwiches at the V Inn after the movies on Friday nights.
I remember them as being like mana from heaven but they probably weren't that good.
Ice cream and candy were much better at a young age.
Otis-we had a grewt run together in New Orleans and then in Texas.

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