Alien Point of View

Oh hi, I'm Amy, I'm a true life person that's feeling like an alien.

We the alien people need to sue the government because they've taken over everything else, including the government! I suggest you visit the Mayor's office, Hubert Wilson. He will take care of you, meet your needs, and give you a nice backrub --and give you a nice KICK!

And if you need more I suggest you be your own alien... at a rock concert, or just walking down the street. Aliens are everywhere among us, they're called the autistics --deal with it!! Where I'm from people like me work, have regular lives, get married, push a couple of babies out --so there!

Alien girl, kick! hud! ah HA HA HA, alien from a point of view!

I bet ya Bon Jovi doesn't feel like an alien! but Pink knows where I am coming from because she was misunderstood, but not Jon Bon Jovi, he's too puuuuurfect to understand people like me that tend to slobber, tend to not fall in love ... and I'm runnin' around and I'm a heart breaker cuz I'm always being followed by men, they love my rear end! They love my little body!

And here's the kicker --I do karaoke. And karaoke's a product of the aliens, I'm convinced.

This is a preview of the video soundtrack that accompanies my current show done in collaboration with the artists from The Studio. Hope to have the whole video online soon. Stay tuned.


jhammer said...

I know where you're coming from-keep the attitude and watch out for all us aliens out here!

headwrapper said...

Jeff, you would like Amy, she's got a special twinkle in her eye, and like you say --she's got the right attitude. The show was a big success. Lotsa hipsters floating about hither and thither for the Arts Alive weekend in Old Town Eureka. It is really a very nice part of town, sorta like a smaller version of the quarter in Narlins.

nicole stubbs said...

oh am i adore you
you are so unique
and you speak from the heart

MommaGross said...

I am an alien too! Aliens of the world, UNITE!! Amy, you are a rock star!! I love you girrrrl! Shake that booty!

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