down the road one more time


Donna said...

i love road signs and have fond memories of them being the only visible markers on long ribbon highways stretching from horizon to horizon, always in u.s. states because the shortest route from eastern canada to the west dipped down into the u.s. we were usually driving v.w. vans with the daughters and piles of sleeping bags, tents & bags of food and garbage.i like your road sign a lot.

headwrapper said...

Thanks Donna, but i should have made it clearer that these signs i've been posting were not done by me. They were a part of the group collaboration for the recent show we put on at The Cheri Blackerby Gallery. There was so much creative activity going on that i sometimes get confused as to who did which, also much of the work and some of the signs as well were collaborative, this one is, I think, by Elizabeth Kordes.

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