'Four Amazing Worlds Collide'
The Times-Standard 04/02/2010

EUREKA -- Reuben Sorensen, a visionary artist from Southern Humboldt, and artists from The Studio, a fine arts program of HCAR for people with developmental disabilities, will be displaying their fantastical installation piece, “Four Amazing Worlds Collide with Fun Exciting Aliens,” this month at the Cheri Blackerby Gallery, 272 C St. (Second and C streets). There will be an opening reception Saturday during Arts Alive! from 6 to 9 p.m.

The collaborative project started with a few papier mâché cars and some plywood.

”I came to The Studio with only the idea that I wanted to do a project in which a road with cars passed through some sort of landscape,” Sorensen said.
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jojo said...

OMG! i read this article in the paper yesterday, so i had to stop by and say wow! this is so cool. I immediately knew it was your work when i saw the image on the cover! i was like "omg! that looks like my old friend Reuben's work!" and it was. congrats! you rock!!!!!!!

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