Thinking Outside, er, and Inside of --the (red) Box

The North Coast Journal article by Japhet Weeks can now be seen

I enjoyed reading it and I thought Weeks did a thoughtful piece. He's a good writer and he works hard at what he does. And he seems to enjoy it.

It's funny that he chose The Red Box painting for the cover cuz ten years ago, when I painted it, a good friend of mine jokingly said --It looks like an illustration you'd see on the cover of a psychology magazine --like Psychology Today or something. I sort of agreed and we had a laugh.

And indeed, Weeks has an interest in and some knowledge of psychology -- Freud and Jung are mentioned in the article. As well as some insightful comments by artist and Jungian scholar Carol Spicuzza.

So I got to laugh again about that.

There is also one part in there that brought tears to my eyes. And that is where an L. A. based artist, Carol Es, who's art I admire immensely, said, "...He is not half-assing anything. He LIVES it." Coming from an artist of her understanding and stature --that really means a lot to me.


Anonymous said...

I really really enjoyed the article and learning more about you. I read it on my phone, my computers out of commision till tuesday.
Your the real deal my friend. I loved the works i saw even though they were on a screen the size of my palm.
Have a great day,

donna said...

That's a great interview Reuben, I loved the ending "have to get used to feeling insecure". I liked the way the pathway to your home was described. It really felt like going on a journey both inside and outside, so to speak. Thanks for that, Donna

bob said...

reuben, congratulaion on a greatarticle on a gifted man. they always want to know where comes from; instead of enjoy ing it's being

smokey said...

you should check this out www.20x200.com

Barley said...

Yes, the part about the road trip and the old bus... too funny because I've been up there many a time. The writer had it down pat. Excellent article Ruby.

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