Approximately Happy New Year

Back to H-school after --Whooopie! bang-bang pop-pop! Feelin' good but always too many ideas to manifest. Here's a wrap-around made of paper mache cars. Click the image to enlarge. The cars will be made to travel upwards and around a large 3D paper mache head placed in the center. What's that sticky stuff --velcrove or something-- will probably be put on the bottom of the cars to hold them to the head. Etc.


Kym said...

The cars look like beads in an African necklace. I have to ask, is the title of the piece going to be Going on a Car Trip?

BTW, I love the floor. That is simple beautiful.

Headwrapper said...

African necklace, I like that. I can see a wrapped-head with a neck wearing --car-beads.
This little story that I wrote a couple a years ago begins on a car trip.

jojo said...

my fave...

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