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Kym said...

Thanks! I had only seen the art of Ritter before. I enjoyed the rest particularly that of cooper and justin.

When I'm reading the definition of Outsider art, I get confused. How can you be considered Outsider? You might be untrained but you aren't "clumsy or naive." As aware as you are of the art world, how does that work?

Seems like the definition in the article isn't right. Or am I missing something.

Headwrapper said...

The meaning of the label 'outsider artist' has become very broadened in the last couple of decades to where today it is almost meaningless. It's a field where many people have jumped on the bandwagon, calling themselves outsider artists. And there's been much debate about who is and who isn't an outsider, eg who gets to be allowed in Outsider Fairs, Outsider galleries, Outsider shows, magazines, books etc. Who is 'authentic'. I think it can be a useful term to describe, in a very general way, a certain kind of art but for the most part I stay away from using it. Classic outsiders are artists like
Henry Darger,
Adoph Wolfi,
And one of my favorites --
Bill Traylor.
And I should also mention
Lee Godie a Chicago 'outsider' artist who called herself a French Impressionist --perhaps as good a label as any.

When it comes to specifics it seems
nobody can agree where to draw the line. It's another box to fit someone into and people, especially artists, don't fit into boxes so easily.
I don't call myself an 'outsider artist' but others have. I don't mind, but it can be confusing sometimes. I've been described that way in newspapers and magazines, and on a PBS tv show, where they also called me a 'grass roots' artist. Grass roots artist? I really don't know what the hell they're talking about.

It's kinda like the way it is with my cats. I have names for them that I like and I feel sort of fits them, but to them it's just a sound, they could care less what I choose to call them --they know who they are.

Kym said...

The Times article is really informative! I'm not sure I'm any clearer about Outsider art but at least I got some idea what might
constitute the category.

Thanks for the other links too. I especially enjoyed Godie's work although it sounds like she might have been a pain in real life.

Kristabel said...

Great list - thanks, and I love your take on artists and labels. I now hear the word "visionary" a lot in place of "outsider."

Thanks, also, from my squirrel for the comment over at CCX. He finally feels like someone understands him.

I've been a big admirer of your work for a long time. In fact, I was the one who sent the Rare Visions/ Roadside Revelations guys to your door. Hope it was a good experience. I haven't been able to catch the episode yet.

Headwrapper said...

Kristabel, Thanks so very much for steering the PBS guys to me. I've
been looking for you to thank for a year and a half now. I asked
them during the interview, 'how did you guys find me', and they gave
me your name but in the excitement of the moment I, typically, forgot it right away. But I got the idea from them that you might be in Anne Grgich's Raw Visions group --is that so?

I don't have a tv but I got to see the episode on a dvd that they sent me. It's called 'No Rest in the Northwest' and is put out by KCPT public television.
Here are some stills from the show
A friend recently told me it is on weekly in the Bay area, but wasn't sure if the episode with me on it has run yet or not.

Anyway... The filming went well, even though I couldn't sleep the night before and felt like the walking dead when they arrived -- Xanax may have helped ;-)

Thanks again Kristabel, I really mean it.

I like your writing style, hey-- here's something

Thumbs up to home-boy Squirrel, is any of his art online?

Kristabel said...

Fantastic! My favorite chapter is 16. The Portrait. Love it.

I'm glad RVRR was a good experience. I'm going to email you about the rest to keep my veil of mystery intact. ;)

orlando said...

Very cool links page.

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