I think 'visionary' artist maybe says more about what I do than 'outsider'. It seems self-explanatory. My art all comes out of visions and dreams. It all comes from inside. Instinctual stuff.

But it's not that simple. And it feels sorta weird saying that I'm a 'visionary' --it sounds like Nostradamus or some kinda new age bullshit. As well as sounding a bit pretentious when one uses it to describe oneself. People want to know, 'how can you qualify it? Are they 'real' visions?'

And then there is 'self taught' --hmm that seems self-explanatory too --or does it? I'm sure people have opinions about who is and who isn't really self taught. And then there's folk, and art brut, and art singulier, and 'raw art' and so forth and so on ad-infinitum. I think the history and background of the artist may be interesting, even important, but --I believe the art needs to stand on its own first and foremost. And if it lasts, who knows what they'll call it some day down the line.

Thing is, as soon as I think of myself as this or that kind of artist --I feel limited. Like this morning, I was thinking of how my art has some things in common with pop art, but--


Kym said...

Visionary feels like a more apt term to me too, for what I've seen of your work.

Headwrapper said...

Hey Kym, I thought of your comment about Godie when I received this quote in an email today. I am glad to hear that you like her work. She must of been a 'character'. And to many, like you said, 'a pain'.

"You ought to have more ideas than I do, because your head is bigger than mine."
Lee Godie, outsider artist

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