A Feast of Outsider Art

Fairy Angel by Sarah Chamberlin

Sept 11th by Rachelle Aubrey

Flying Eye by Dale Howard

Cat by Mariel

Devil by Dale Howard

Fairy by Sarah Chamberlin

If you want to immerse yourself in outsider art --the real thing -- you might want to check out The Studio at 139 Third Street, Eureka. This is about as close as you can get to what I'd call authentic outsider art.

When speaking of the artists who attend the fine arts program at The Studio, director Kristy Peterson describes perhaps the very essence of what constitutes outsider art --"...they have no preconceived ideas of what art should be, so their art is very free. They don't worry about whether or not it's right, they just do it and it turns out great."

Which corresponds to what Ken Johnson, art critic and contributing editor at Art in America magazine and writer for the arts pages of The New York Times, wrote-- "outsider art often looks like the product of an alternative type of consciousness — one far less beholden to prevailing social and intellectual conventions and more attuned to intuitive, emotional and visionary impulses."

Eureka resident Patricia Powell a major patron of The Studio says, "Their art is never dull, it's very bracing. You can just see the creative impulse bursting forth."

Yes indeed!

quotes are from
The North Coast Journal
and The NY Times


Kym said...

Cat by Mariel is full of energy! There is a local woman artist, Mary---, I forgot her last name. She has exhibited at the Phillipsville PostOffice. Her work is beautiful and incredibly detailed. It seems to fit under the Outsider category.

Headwrapper said...

There's also a dog by Mariel on The Studio's website. All the artists there are great. But Chamberlin's my fave. Her work would look good next to Picasso

the girl at The Studio said...

Thanks for featuring us on your great blog, Reuben!

We currently have over 50 artists creating amazing visionary work and feature a new show in the Cheri Blackerby Gallery every two months.

And we love visits and collaborative projects with fantastic local artists.....wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Paisley said...

Great gallery, Reuben. My favorites are Sarah's women. They are a delightful reminder that we're all beautiful!

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