Pyper at the Gates of Dawn

When I first saw Ian Pyper's work I was stopped dead in my tracks. God only knows how long I gazed. 'This looks like what I've been seeing, feeling, intuiting inside myself all of my life, or at least since my late teens, but have been unable to express --WOW!!!' I thought, 'this guy's traveled (inwardly) to some of the same places that I have but --he's gone farther! This guy fucking ROCKS!'

Ian Pyper's art has been described as "modern-primitive". He is an artist who is able to walk in both worlds. His work comes from a deep center that many have been to, but Pyper, with amazing clarity, brings a piece of that center back to share. Unlike many 'outsiders', Pyper's work is accessible. And I think of what he does as being 'pure'. It is made up of ancient archetypal symbols that he has found inside himself (as opposed to finding them in a mythological or religious text). But at the same time it is the most up-to-date means of expression around. Like I said, he is at home in both worlds. The work has an immortal feel to it, like a river or fountain found in Paradise. It is important. Pyper's vision is true. His art steps outside of any boundaries and is totally unique, yet paradoxically, it seems very familiar.

Not finding the usual labels such as, 'outsider', 'visionary', 'self-taught' 'folk' etc. adequate, Pyper has recently been calling his work 'atomic'. I won't venture to say what exactly he means by that, but it would seem to indicate --"inward" or "under the surface of things". I don't know, but I do know that the work is very alive and will continue to live.

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Ian Pyper said...

Hello there,

Just thought I'd say a big 'thank-you' for featuring my drawings.

The 'atomic' thing came about after extensive reading (and watching numerous BBC TV documentaries here in the UK) on the Holographic Universe/Dark Matter/String Theory and the world of Atoms.

Apparently, the atomic world is constantly shifting and atoms can exist in 2 different states at once and can even slip into and out of unknown dimensions. Scientists are unable to picture this world and there are varying visualizations of it, but these are all conjecture and idle speculation.

I just thought that the world of 'Quark, Strangeness and Charm' seemed like a place where anything and everything was possible and great and wonderful and magically unexpected things might happen.

You may not see all of this (or indeed, any of it!) in my drawings, but it has become a kind of philosophy that I tend to hang everything on.

Also, there are the little interconnected 'spiky ball' things in lots of my drawings and I came to see these as like atoms or molecules.

Once again, many thanks for writing about me and my work.

Best wishes,

Ian Pyper

Ian Pyper said...

Hello again,

The Pink Floyd reference is great - this was a band at a creative peak - before Pink Floyd became THE Pink Floyd and destroyed everything!

Headwrapper said...

Thanks so much for sharing that Ian. We hope you will drop by Headwrapping School again.

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