The Sampling Officials of the Glyphwrapped Strip Guild convened after hours at the Headwrapping School last night and put their case on the table. The proceedings are a closely guarded secret but this photograph was found under said table by the volunteer cleaning crew this morning ...and --a list was written on the back of the photo.

soy milk
brocolli (sic)
potatos (sic)
sweet potatos (sic)

The alleged photo with list, which is being decoded by Headwrapping glyph experts, was leaked to the blogosphere and points to evidence implicating the footwrapping faction in a bleach of contrast.

Headwrapping School's chief wrap administrator, Headwrapper the 1st, originator and founder of the school was asked to comment on the significance of the image and possible meaning of the list.
"It doesn't matter. This is all the proof we need," said he, and then refused to answer any more questions.
Footwrapping headquarters did not answer our phonecalls but someone named Bootsy at a wrong number that we dialed by mistake said that perhaps it was just a matter of overexposure.

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