White Dominance Causes Tensions in Controvercy Surrounding Headwrapping School's Disclosure of Glyphed-strip Foot Photo Found Overexposed Under Table

Further negotiations towards working towards a compromise were delayed again repeatedly this morning by the head Headwrapping office. "These footwrapping people have provided us with nothing to work with," explained spokesperson Headwrapper 22. The white is too white in this photo of wrapped feet."
Headwrapper 99 chimed in, "It's definitely a bleach of contrast. The focus is good but the intentions are questionable. The feet people are far from understanding Headwrapping School's central theme --the wrapping of heads. This isn't Valley Forge. Haven't these people heard of shoes?"

"That's absurd!" said a man with wrapped feet and clouded brow who was interviewed on the sidewalk out front. "White can't be too white... maybe they mean gray. I can tell ya, there are a million shades of gray. I think it's a rippoff anyway --HS was once a colorful idea and dream that some of us had, but now, right before our blurry eyes, our colors are being taken away from us by greedy charlatans with rainbow connections. The Headwrapping School is not what it used to be back inna day. I think it's time for Revolution!"
"The thought of wearing shoes like those proposed by the HS main office is an insult to my um, --you know what I mean, if I wanted shoes like those I could go to the Mall," said another footwrapped pedestrian. "Until HS decides to give the people what they need and are entitled to --I will be wrapping my feet in solidarity with um, you know, with the whole body politic of the thing --feet, heads, hands, arms, legs, ankles, breasts, genitals, they all should be recognized as necessary units of a larger Unity and as having equal rights when it comes to being wrapped."

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