The Shoe Must Go On -- Reversing Independent Variables

Headwrapping School has initiated the instigation and abetment of a set of revised blueprints drawn up by our planning department engendered by charges put forth by a certain insurgent faction's seditious activities within the wrapping community at large causing ramifications to be undertaken absolving previous unwarranted growth factors incurred by non-regulatory units and thereby initiating a renegotiating of the original non-applicable design features including footwrapping which have been reviewed and modified to include regulative diversification which has thus revised the direction of our endeavors and categorically reversed all previously invested independent variables including any movement towards creative solutions concerning the propagation of alternative methods and perspectives that might be construed as being unauthorized and/or that are interpreted by the insurgents to be adverse to proposals for extenuating problems seen by them to be restrictive in their nature towards intuitive applications and instructive instinctual information intake presented by means which according to Headwrapping School elders were previously seen as being not applicable to harmonious problem solving or in accord with the then established re-constructive regulatory information overload programs designed for categorically generating typically over-rated and gratuitously misinformed methods of ennoblement within coded and glyphed construction policies and therefore at odds with and partially disabling all visionary conclusions based on the uncharted initiatory drafts originally put forth by the Headwrapping board. In effect, this has served to overthrow the status quo and to pioneer a revised order of production that has now been set in motion by direct orders from and close supervision of the administrator.

The illustration shows shoe skeletons formed with cardboard and duct tape that are ready to be wrapped. Click image for details.


Kym said...

It looks like Cinderoctopussy was at your house when the clock struck midnight;>

Headwrapper said...

I did everything I could to make her stay but ...anyway it was a hell of a dance

Kym said...

I like those pics. Especially the first!

And I can see why you wanted her to stay. Those tentacles make a heck of a headwrap.

Kristabel said...

I like the shoe skeletons just as they are. I suppose wearing them wouldn't be very practical - unless you're lying down.

Headwrapper said...

Not practical? Hmmmm... yes, it strikes me now that they will need to be practical (as well as 'visionary') because I'm planning on using them as part of the wardrobe in my new video.

Thanks for the observation. Looks like I'll be rewriting the 'chase scene' as a 'chaise scene'.

Kristabel said...

Reuben, you always make me snort.

BeverlyKayeGallery said...

Hysterical chatter about your blueprints! I'm still laughing! I hope you post the shoes when they are completed.

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