Creating the Wrapped Shoe

1. Materials:
The Headwrapping School crafts its products from the very best materials available in the field. We use high quality old newspapers and duct tape. The scissors are imported from China. Only the finest of used cardboard is acceptable.

2. Production:
The scissors are used to cut the cardboard which is then manipulated into the form of a shoe. Duct tape is then implemented to secure the frame.

Next, newspaper is torn into strips and dipped into a paste made from bleached white flour and water. Then the strips are 'wrapped' around the shoe frame.

The shoe is turned and wrapped on its side.

The inner shoe is wrapped and the wrapping then secured by the thumbs.

The index finger is used to form the front inner shoe.

The pinkie is used to detail the inner toe.

The heal is held in one hand while the outer toe is wrapped by the other.

The inner heal is wrapped and secured.

The outer heal is wrapped and secured and the wrapped shoe is set to dry.

3. Finishing:
After the shoes are dry they are ready to be painted. The finest house paint seconds available will be used.


Kristabel said...

I have been meaning to comment for days as I keep coming back and looking at those pictures. As does Squirrel. He's a big duct tape art fan. Your shoes are fantastic, and just looking at your fingers covered in papier mache' makes me crave pancakes.

Headwrapper said...

Brian Tripp from Hoopa has done some incredible intense visionary sculpture with duct tape prominent. I love Brian's work and have been a fan since the 80s.

...for some reason now I'm thinking about some strawberries and maple syrup spilled over a wrapped crepe-like slipper, hmmm that's food for thought, no, I mean art for shoes, no, I mean shoes for food, no, I mean art for thought, no, um --how about thoughts to eat? no, no way, how about art that is delicious --now we're getting some where ... but the duct tape might need just a little herb flavoring.

Kristabel said...

I love Tripp's work as well but haven't seen his work around in a long time. I heard rumors of some health problems or something. Do you know if he's still around and/or creating?

Headwrapper said...

I've been wondering too. I hope he's OK. A friend of mine has some wood sculptures that he made around 2002? with duct tape, nails, stones, etc. Amazing art. I am going to see if I can get some photos of it to share here.

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