Signs of Spring

are everywhere present
the Light has overcome the darkness
new life springs forth from seeds and
fresh beginnings cover the land
bringing hope and optimism to all
so I am told

but why then does it seem as though things are forever
split apart unevenly --is there no equality? no justice?

and why do you always come in late when we sing harmony?
leaving me to spend countless hours . . .
falling and fumbling in this inner darkness
searching in vein, blogging and trying
to find words to describe


Kristabel said...

I love this, Reuben.

I don't know if it was on purpose, but I particularly like the line "searching in vein."


Headwrapper said...

Thanks Kristabel. It came to me like that in a vision.
Maybe I should italicize 'vein' or put it in quotes ... I don't know the correct way --but it needs something. I've changed the whole poem several times already since posting it.
Did you ever read Wm Burroughs? He'd have said "fumbling in the dark searching for a vein :o

Kristabel said...

I like it without anything - then it stays ambiguous and only we dark brooding artists get it. ;)

Headwrapper said...

I just write it Kristabel, I don't necessarily 'get it' :)
But I think you may be right. And I think there's something to be said about not editing or correcting ones original impulse or (vision).
But what about footnotes? --those sounds that shoes make --I may need to have some footnotes to help explain my paper mache sculpture and make it more ambiguous for everyone.

Kristabel said...

Yes; I'm a firm believer in always going with an impulse.

How are the shoes? Do you have more pictures yet? hint hint nudge....

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