present challenges that working on 'your own thing' avoids. Harmony is essential. But "harmony" in the usual sense of the term is completely unnecessary, perhaps even unwanted, at least something that's not to be striven for . . .
So wtf am I talking about?
I'd say that compromise is also essential to a successful collaboration. And I would add that "compromise" is something to be avoided at all costs --never compromise. Ever.
So that brings us back to wtf?

Barley Waters and I are working on a number of collaborations, they're in the works, paintings and drawings --we finished this drawing last night. Barley says, "Doing a collaboration is a lesson in non-attachment", and I think I see what she means. One has to give up control. And somehow express one's individuality without overriding the others. It requires that attitude of not being attached to the outcome, letting a space open up for 'the unexpected' and 'the marvelous' to happen.
'Untitled' 15x20in, markers on foam-board --click to enlarge


Kym said...
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Kym said...

Looks like hieroglyphics inscribed on the wall of an Alien Ship--both futuristic and primitive at the same time.

Headwrapper said...

Kym, thanks for the idea. I am planning to do a paper mache flying saucer, about five or six feet in circumference, dark in color and (this is the part your comment sparked) it'll be covered with glyphs. In the dark it will have a few lights blinking. It would be a good project for a collaboration.
Here's the secret part, hush don't tell anyone, I don't think many more than you and I read this blog anyway, but you know how long secrets last in Humboldt Co. I want to hook up a wire above a gentle downslope on our lonely dirt road so that the saucer will glide slowly down ... about eight or ten feet above the road. Then, that night when the neighbor is coming home --I'll let it glide out from the bushes and time it so it moves down the road slowly --right in front of his car. :)

Kym said...

This sounds like fun. I think you should video and youtube it so I (and everybody else) can watch.

Barley said...

both futuristic and primitive at the same time.

Maybe we should call ourselves Primitive Futurists? Or maybe Future Primitives?

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