Eu d' foot

Headwrapping School's wrapped shoe dept. will soon be coming out with a new bottled fragrance called "Eu d' foot". Orders are being filled in advance. This drawing is an adaptation of an old copy of the original recipe: two parts nervous energy, one part black and white, seven parts spiral rising, two grams downfall, three oz. etc... Throw it all together and shake for two hours. Put a clothespin on your nose. Put it in the oven and when you're ready to take it out --click to enlarge.


Kristabel said...

I could look at this for hours. And in fact, later tonight I just might. When you posted the cropped part with just the pig showing earlier, I was dying to know what the label pointing to the dirt under the chaise said.


P.S. Don't think I've forgotten about the movie (or the marshmallows)..I just lost control of my life for a bit. Does that ever happen to you? I kinda like it. I also want to send you some other pics. of work in the gallery right now. There's an alien vessel I think you'd really like.

Headwrapper said...

At HS we have a saying, 'Getting out of control is one sure way to meet the Headmaster' ;)

Kristabel said...

I have to go fan myself now....

Sandy Mastroni said...

great drawings Reuben . Your blog is always fun
and thanks for making MY blog fun
Thank you so much for putting that Jerry Mahoney link on the comments page . I should have been packing up an order but I watched Jerry and Knucklehead instead .
Maybe someday you will teach me how to get that video right on my page !

Thank you Reuben . You are a funny and 'interestingly strange' guy [ that's a compliment ]

Headwrapper said...

Thanks for the compliments Sandy. And tell 'the dummy' that I love him dearly.

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