Hello?...Baa, Hello, Hello?...Baa Baa Baaaa...

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Headwrapping School received these photos of sheep made from old phones in an email this morning, but with no explanation of who did it, the location etc. Check out the feet.


crossgirl said...

can you shear me now?

those are absolutely wonderful!!

headwrapper said...

can you shear me now?

Yes I'm in accord with that.

Kristabel said...

You get the best emails. Those are fantastic.

Kym said...

Those phones look like they get baaaaaad reception.

crossgirl said...

I am so in love with these sheep. Some internet poking reveals they are creations of a Jean-Luc and were displayed at a Museum of Communication in Germany last year. I can't tell if they are still there or in which of the museums they are grazing.


Headwrapper said...

Thanks Kristin. It looks like his full name is Jean Luc Cornec. Makes me think of Picasso's bull head made from a bicycle seat and handlebars... Both are the kinda thing that makes one say, now why didn't I think of that?

Headwrapper said...

Kym, I guess these sheep are what's called a visual pun --or maybe I should say a visual homophone? ;)

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