Art by Kristin Collier Bennett aka Crossgirl .

From her website:
Once upon a time there was a princess who was dethroned. She spent considerable effort trying to regain her princess status to no avail. In crisis, she decided she needed a new identity and folk art collector felt just about right. But not quite because there was a fence that wanted to be made into crosses and it was hard to ignore. Until one day there was a sign from God. In the middle of a busy road a large yellow sign which said PRODUCE.The sign was accepted, the fence's wish granted and the crosses have been produced ever since. Folk artist is more fun than princess anyway.


crossgirl said...

I'm honored. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's an honor to have you here. I really really like the part of your art about trusting the 'Unknown' e.g. the found object aspect of it. You don't know what you might find. And use! That inspires me.

headwrapper said...

sorry, forgot to sign it.

Kristabel said...

Crossgirl's work is really fantastic.

I totally covet the cross with the dental molds...and the altered drawer...

Love it!

suzy blah blah said...

My Billy and i had a little tiff this morning...
He was fiddling aruond woth the chainsaw
sharpening it and stuff ...getting ready to
go out to cut some fire wood for next winter
and i told him to cut some rounds from that
white oak that fell up above the yurt last year
but he says no hes goona go across the creek
and cut down soome tan oaks
that are standing over there
and that will let in some more sunlite into the garden
but i soid Billy thats GREEN wood
we cant burn that!!! --winter is only a cuople a months away and he said oh thats ok we can bring it inside
and cure it by gthe fire and i said
wHAT FIRE??? we wont have a fire if your gonna cut green wood but he said youll see SUzy youll see
then i couldnt hear whart he said next cuz of the sound
of the chainsaw but i yelled DONT GO ACROSS...
and then he turned off the chainsaw and said
i know your cross Suzy but
and then he said, dont yell at me suzy
and i said oh sorry but the chainsaw made me confused ...
but he didnt hear me cuz he started up the saw again
so i went back inside and took a bong
hit and got on the computer and said to mysulf
--im not cross
whats he talking about i just got confused
with him turning the chainsaw on and off andd...
then i surfed onto crossgirls myspace page and it totally
--im like wow today must be the day of the cross
or something but
it like totally changed my view on life and i relaxed and got happy
and it inspired me to want to try and make something
from all the junk all around us like old chainsaw
bladeS or whatever and everything else

and btw
Suzy luvs MICHAEL'S INSTRUMENT AND A POT LID --that is too cewl!

but now, getting back to me
im soooo happy to just be here
on this beautiful morning
listening to Bob MArley sing
dont worry about a thing
cuz every little thing is gonna be alright

So im countin my blessing and

EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! Oh NO!!! Sorry but i gotta run

Headwrapper said...

Thanks for dropping by Headwrapping School Suzy. How did you find us?

Kristabel said...

Hey Suzy,

Where ya been?

I've missed you.


crossgirl said...

wow. just wow!
thank you suzy. hope you can salvage lots of greenhouse stuff for art!!

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