Why No Heads?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBad Call - 14x18in. - acrylic on canvas

Joey posed this question in a comment on a previous thread:
The headless athletes are somewhat disturbing. What is the deeper meaning? Have they "lost their heads?" Is it a commentary on mindless professional sporting industry giants? I wonder...

Headwrapping School's way has always been to act now and ask (deep) questions later. It's a time saving method. At H.S. we are busily concerned with the practical questions of what? ( a picture); who? (headless basketball players); how? (paint and brushes); and where? (on canvas). But the philosophical 'why?' always eludes us.

Are there any psychologists or deep thinkers out there?


crossgirl said...

Obviously the answer is, "why not?"

No deep thinking here. I pride myself on being incredibly shallow. Plus, people expect so much less of me.

Headwrapper said...

Here at Headwrapping School we believe that being 'incredibly shallow' is totally marvelous. In fact, making the shallow incredible is our goal. Our motto has always been, The shallow aspect of art is what is most important. We teach our students to focus on the wrappings --not on the head being wrapped. For what ever may be underneath the wrappings, deep inside, is superficial.

jerriji said...

What the hell do you need heads for. Just means you got to use more paint. We got enough friggin heads in this world. 'Off with their heads" Send those damn heads back from where they came.

joey said...

Mindless sports.

Or, in your art, have we become "lost" in "thought?"

Mr headwrapper I don't mean to be NOSY but you should just draw an egg shape. The eyes go on the center horizontal line, The nose is 1/2 way between the eyes and the chin. lips are 1/2 way between nose and chin. See? You have to "face it" even you can draw heads!! Cool Video

Headwrapper said...

Joey, that's an awesome video but I can't seem to get started on heads because I don't know how to draw an egg shape, got any links? Hey but I know this artist, really advanced and like that, he was trying to show me how to do this thing called three point perspective, ever hear of it? It's this method where you take a ruler and make all these lines go everywhere and then you just follow the lines and you've got an impressive masterpiece.
I want to do one called The School of Headwrapping.

But to get started ... I'm thinking I'm gonna try putting an egg on a piece of paper and tracing around it ...

Secretary of the Interior of Head said...

jerryji, We had your comment processed by our main office. Your file was returned via email to my desk this morning with an analyzed data update invoice projection report for 2009. Included was a printout inventory sheet graph file indicating a 2.3% savings in paint by also cutting off right hands.

Thanks for the input. It's always beneficial to compare notes in this ever changing digitalized universe where we are seeing an alarming increase in the cases of head today --gone tomarrow.

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