Outsider Folk

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOld Cross - 18x31in. - paint and markers on canvas - click to enlarge

This painting from last winter and several others including this, this and this etc. were recently put on consignment with Outsider Folk Art


crossgirl said...

Yay, a cross!

Congratulations! That looks like a most impressive and worthy temporary home for your art.

I think if I study them a little longer, I'll receive instruction. Or a recipe. Or perhaps divine intervention.

Headwrapper said...

Hey Crossgirl, if you (or anybody) receives divine intervention, or recipes, or whatever... --i'm pleading not guilty! All I did was paint a cross with some squiggles and glyphs behind it ;)

Have you seen Carol Spicuzza's updated website.? I went there a couple nights ago for the first time in months. It's much more complete nowadays. I think it's totally worth looking at and reading through. She's brilliant.

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