Beauty is Truth (that's all ye need to know)

"Beautiful Colors, Beautiful World" is the title of local 'outsider/folk' artists Linda Turley, Adam Wilson and Kelly Stanberry's current show at the Cheri Blackerby Gallery located at 272 C Street, on the corner of 3rd and C Streets in Old Town, Eureka CA. There will be a reception for the artists from 6-9 pm on Saturday Oct 4th.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAdam Wilson -- marker pens


Headwrapper said...

The title of the post comes from this

Kym said...

I read the NCJ art column this week with a bit of background understanding of outsider art. Thank you!

Headwrapper said...

Kym, you noticed that I put the term in quotes. Sort of a disclaimer.

Have you checked out this very cool blog. The writer, an authority on Outsider Art, Randall Cavin, is part owner of Cavin-Morris gallery NYC. You'll see that he avoids the word "outsider" and replaces it with "the field".

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