"W" The Movie

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxscreenshot from "W" -- digitally altered and embossed Ian Piper drawing

Back in 2005 Ian Piper was asked to contribute some of his drawings to a movie project by Indianapolis independent film maker/artist Alfred Eaker and his production company Pink and Blue films. Alfred is a fan of Piper's art and thought that some of it could be included in his visionary and surreal 'W The Movie' (not to be confused with the Oliver Stone movie of the same name!).

This project is finally finished and now ready for release on the indie movie circuit, both in the US and possibly the UK.


Kristabel said...

W the movie...for the freak in you

Sounds fantastic!

Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

I am so pleased to hear that Ian's art is being used. He is such a sweet man and his work is outstanding. I own an amazing turquoise ink drawing he did and I cherish it!

crossgirl said...

That's wonderful! Can't help but wondering how the other W movie would have turned out with some surreal art. It's certainly been a surreal 8 years.....

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