Looks Like Shat

CW looked at my most recent car painting and said, "This looks like shat."
"Why do you say that?" I asked.
"It's a portmanteau. They look a little like rats and a little like sheep."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 10 -- 9 x 12in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


Anonymous said...

Shat describes most of our behavior in cars. Baaing as we herd together-- using up our resources foolishly--and ratlike greedily protecting our space. Squeak, squeak, honk, honk. Baaaaa.

headwrapper said...

heeheehee! If I make a car video I'll use your soundtrack noises :)
And then there's the associative connection to white rats running in a maze --a scientific experiment.

Monica said...
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Monica said...

We just went on a road trip, and as we drove though Daly City looking at the rows of different color houses all I could think about were your paintings. Rats running in a maze might apply here.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Oh my! Finally! ....finally we have an intelligent term that describes something that is known to me but never had any syllables by which to utter inner turmoil, white noise and interference that is experienced on islands.

No I dont mean the kind of island that has palm trees on it.....nor do I mean the island that is I, that is anyone.

I mean the islands in the middle of two or more lane roads. Rat, Sheep....Oh my, wait, shite...!: It was there all along....Now someone painted and someone else spoke it.... ... We have......: -Shat-.

I have never walked down any road the same since that day I saw the paintings, read the word. Little moments of huge confusion on traffic islands are history. I now know what I am dealing with, why in the island I want to make all those cars, and all those lives come to a stop, cease to find for granted ease in the guidance of streets and lives that are as well maintained as streets....when all around is screaming for survival....trees for space, air and water and little critters for trees and so on all around and round and round the silent expectation that we STOP.....When will the world GET IT....we ALL HAVE TO STOP. Pause, reflect, think! NOW. YESTERDAY! BUT NOW!

Choose enlightenment, end Shatment.

Oh the disen-shat-ted, you wont be disenchanted if you JUST STOP, GET OFF THE ROADS, quit your oily cars, and help us roll the roads away, plant trees ride horses and fly instead, on air and water, and life. NOW. Stop. Yes, just when the kids need their armoured ride to school, or when have to get that thing done for work or someones demands....yes, NOW. For your children, STOP Now...and yes, it takes only a moment to STOP now...and yes after that it takes a lotta time to roll the old roads away....but the kids will learn more from it, really. and you will breathe better oh people in your cars.

ROLL THE ROADS AWAY. Paint that. And Name it. Oh, creation!

Written from an Island. JRose

Anonymous said...

Roll the -Old- Roads Away.
Dismantle the beast.
Come out of your shells,
strip down the cages.

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