CW sure likes to talk. Last night long past midnight she went on and on and on about how I was wrong and that the silence is never broken. She said that duality was an illusion and the way of the sorcerer. She said that the good road, the shaman's way, was oneness. She said that she saw the cars as one being. She said, "They're a unit."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 8 -- 10 x 11in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


Anonymous said...

a little birdy tol' me that somewhere I inspired this. If so or even if not so...I'd like to hone in and say that that duality is part of the first instances of a creation becoming manifest. From there creation begins it return from duality back to wholeness.The dream is to make this return in a manifest way. Spirit and Earth as one as manifest. The sacred marriage. The sorcerer, you could say, yes, operates within the mysteries within duality and likes to manipulate elements of duality. The potential exists for the 'master' and [true] shaman to undo a sorcerers work as the shaman works beyond duality. In the shaman's way we drop the values good and bad except for very basic and essential differentiations of right/wrong...that keep mind/soul/body of child sound, for example. It's a question of importance, necessity and what works within the universe's intent.
The shaman's way is to embrace oneness even within duality. Therefore the need to have feet in two worlds spiritual and earthly within wholeness. Great Spirit and Respect for all our relations of all earthly kingdoms and all that starry stuff. I'll have to think about cars tho' Best run on water tho' ;o) I guess. Bless. JRose

headwrapper said...

Yes JRose you did inspire at least a part of CW's remarks. She doesn't have a computer and so she checks her email here occasionally and she's visited your forum. I saw her at her place earlier this evening and she said to tell you that the portmanteau, "shat", was also inspired by you. Something to do with conjunction and/or shamanism's view of duality/unity or something like that. Maybe she'll explain it herself next time she's online.

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